Brilliant UK Policy on OSS

Penn State World Campus Blog:

Wow. It is not so often that you can point to truly enlightened legislation and national policy, but here is one such case. Pat Masson, just posted some links on the Educause Openness Constituency Group to a fantastic little article titled Government promotes open source for public sector, whose content strikes me as remarkable. The article provides a very cursory description of a UK government policy that promotes Open Source Software, Open Technology Standards, and Re-Use. What could be smarter? Very little, that’s what.

If you find that intriguing, you will certainly find it worthwhile to check out the government’s Action Plan on the Chief Information Officer Council web site. The CIO Council Office has published a 10-item action plan that outlines everything from educational support and standards for re-use to international benchmarking services to help ensure that the UK policy is staying relevant. Now, support of Open Source is not new to the UK government, who launched the Open Source Academy a few years ago, so perhaps I should not be so surprised, but still I am incredibly impressed with the CIO Council’s vision and resistance to taking a more reactive and “closed” approach to capacity sharing that seems increasingly endemic to government and in public higher education.

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