Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish

from Read/Write Web: RNA Biology has decided to ask every author who submits an article to a newly created section of the journal about families of RNA molecules to also submit a Wikipedia page that summarizes the work.

Excellent! The age of scholars producing original research, turning copyright over the publishers, publishers charging our libraries high fees to purchase the journals (in print or online) ... may be coming to an end.

If you love knowledge, set it free!


Blackboard Sues U.S. Patent Office

In case you missed this Chronicle article: Blackboard Sues U.S. Patent Office ... wow.

Obama Puts Change.gov Under Creative Commons

Last week Barack Obama's Presidential transition website Change.gov added OpenID login for commenters and now the entire site has been put under a Creative Commons license. These concepts are no longer just the dreams of "crack-pot fringe case" advocates - they're the official policy of the US President Elect. (from Read/Write Web)
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