Sharing eLearning Content

Sharing eLearning Content – A Synthesis and Commentary

“It is a holy grail of eLearning that content, be it raw media assets, information or learning objects, learning activities, or learning designs, should be made once and used in learning many times, either unchanged or modified. Behind this aspiration lies a complex web of interdependent issues, which are the subject matter of this report.

The prime motivators are:

  1. the improvements in quality and consistency that can be achieved if many people with complementary expertise and experience are able to contribute;

  2. the efficient use and reuse of the public money that is spent to develop these sometimes very expensive collections, objects or artifacts;

  3. the subsequent freeing of staff effort to concentrate on pedagogical issues and the delivery of materials consistently within institutions (and then across institutions).” . . .

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Paul Left said...

Re point 3: I believe one of the big barriers to uptake of re-usability of educational resources is that re-use can sometimes cause more pedagogical problems than it solves. So it can generate extra work for teachers rather than less.

One of the things we found in a project to assess elearning capability
was that reusability hadn't really taken off despite receiving some major resources. In practice, it seems the positive outcomes are often less significant and the barriers more significant than had been expected.

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